Histology Laboratory Offerings

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Veterinary pathologists who are experts in investigative and regulatory studies for biopharma, agrochemical and animal health, oncology research, and diagnostic pathology provide the services.

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Histology Laboratory Offerings

Enso Discoveries has the infrastructure and scientific expertise to readily meet ever evolving needs of CRO (contract research organization clients.) Our high-throughput histology laboratory offers partnering clients the ability to work with a highly motivated, independent professional team that is focused on incredible quality, turnaround time and value.

Lab Services

The range of pathology services offered includes: 

  • Sophisticated histological processing

  • Expert evaluation by board-certified pathologists

Our laboratory is a high-production environment that emphasizes accountability at every step of preparation and processing. Our pathology network has extensive capacity to perform histologic processing and histopathologic evaluation of large quantities of tissue samples.

Under the watchful oversight of senior pathologists and experienced laboratory personnel, Enso Laboratories rigorously adheres to quality management standards. We apply technical and scientific expertise to every project, from routine procedures to highly specialized analyses.

Enso Lab Offerings

Histology Services

  • Provide dissection, gross examination, and organ size and weight measurement.
  • Process your samples for embedding and sectioning.
  • Process your samples for H&E, special stains and Immunohistochemistry.
  • Digitize your slides and deliver digital image files via email or cloud interface.
  • Perform quantitative image analysis and deliver a comprehensive report.

Representative digital images can be included in client reports as required. The Leica Aperio AT2 whole slide scanner system with a 400 load and go slide capacity, facilitates enhanced, rapid scientific interaction between pathologists and partnering clients.

If needed, Enso can conduct peer review and independent tissue review performed in accordance with internal or external standard operating procedures.

Lab Highlights 

  • No quantity of cases is too big or small.

  • In addition to extraordinary quality, our unique offering is a sincere commitment to short turnaround time.

  • Enso is prepared and enthusiastic to work multiple 24-hour shifts, weekends, or whatever it takes to establish long-term business partners.

Dual Sekura tissue processers, multiple microtome stations, Leica auto stainer/coverslipper, and a 400-slide autoloader Aperio AT2 imaging system provide excellent capacity to quickly and professionally assist in project and study completion.

If you are looking for a long term partner that sincerely appreciates the opportunity to work with you or have any questions, please email us at:

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