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These Terms and Conditions apply to all orders in the United States and Canada for products from Enso Discoveries, LLC. (“us” or “we”). As a Customer (“you”) placing an order, you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions. 


  2. You may order from us in several convenient ways. 
  3. Call (785) 320-5740 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time.
  4. Send an email to 
  5. Place order through distributor 
  6. Order directly through us on our website
  7. Your Purchase Order number is required for all orders. 
  8. We must receive your original Purchase Order for all equipment orders and all orders over $20,000.00. Such orders are subject to acceptance before shipment. 
  10. Shipping terms are DAP (Delivered at Place, Incoterms 2010), with freight and handling charges prepaid and added to the invoice. 
  11. Credit and business approval are required before shipment. 
  12. Payment is due net thirty (30) days with established credit and must be sent to the address on the invoice. 
  13. In the absence of established credit, you must pay in full when you order. We reserve the right to delay processing any such order until we receive payment. 
  14. We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at the rate of the lesser of one-and-one-half percent (1.5%) per month or the highest rate permitted by law, with such interest beginning to accrue on the date the payment was due. You agree to pay all reasonable attorney fees and expenses that we may incur in connection with enforcing our right to obtain payment. 
  15. If you violate any payment terms, we reserve the right to not fill your pending orders, to require your full or partial payment in advance, or to cancel your orders. 
  16. You are responsible for payment of all applicable taxes on transactions under these Terms and Conditions. If you claim a tax exemption, proof of tax exemption must be submitted to us prior to or at the time of your first order. 
  17. You grant us a first priority lien and security interest in all products sold to you until we receive payment in full. Should you violate any payment terms, we reserve the right to take all reasonably necessary actions to perfect our security interest and to enforce such interest. 
  18. You shall not resell our products to third parties. 


  1. We will accept returned products only if you have contacted our office for prior review and authorization at (785) 320-5740. 
  2. Shipping for all returned products must be prepaid. 
  3. Returned products are subject to a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee. 
  4. All returned products must be in original, unopened cartons and in salable condition. Broken cases are not returnable. 
  5. All products held over six (6) months from date of invoicing are not returnable. 
  6. Products close to or past their stated expiration date and discontinued products are not returnable. 
  8. You must note damage or shortage on the delivery receipt at the time of delivery. 
  9. If you observe damage after opening delivered goods, notify the delivery company within five (5) days and request a Concealed Damage Inspection. 
  10. Please call our office at (785) 320-5740 within ten (10) days of receipt whenever damaged, short, or incorrect product deliveries occur, so we can provide additional assistance. 

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  1. OTHER 
  2. For product warranty information, visit 
  3. Product prices, specifications, and availability are subject to change without notice. 
  4. Quotations are strictly confidential. You shall not, except as required by law or regulations, disclose or release in any manner to any third party the fact that we have furnished or contracted to furnish the goods included in any Quotation for the prices stated. 
  5. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and us for the purchase of goods. There are no warranties, representations, covenants or agreements, expressed or implied, except those explicitly set forth herein. Any purported alteration of these Terms and Conditions, whether or not intended, through additional terms set forth in a Purchase Order, confirmation, acknowledgement, or correspondence shall be void and of no effect, and these Terms and Conditions supersede and replace in total all other terms. Neither our shipment of products nor acceptance of payment shall constitute our acceptance of a deviation from these Terms and Conditions.
  7. We carry a broad selection of tools to support training, implementation, and procedure development on our website,