Enso Discoveries Proudly Announces Trey Pittman as the New Vice President of Sales for Their Veterinary Division of Products, Set to Launch a Line of Groundbreaking New Developments

Enso Discoveries proudly announces the onboarding of Trey Pittman as the new Vice President of Sales to lead the national division of veterinary regenerative medicine products.

The company recently announced a blossoming partnership with Midwest Veterinary Supply to provide its Rebound PRP and Rebound PRF kits through distribution to both companion animal and equine practices nationwide. With the addition of Pittman at the helm, Enso Discoveries is scheduled to launch a brand new line of patented veterinary products throughout the next year!

 “We are very excited to announce the hiring of Trey Pittman as the new Vice President of Sales. Trey has an extensive background in sales and marketing with some world-class companies that will allow him to leverage his years of experience to help drive our fast-growing business. His energy, integrity, and passion to succeed, along with his can-do attitude will be a true asset to our fast emerging company,” says Patrick Farley, CEO of Enso Discoveries.

Trey will be tasked to grow the veterinary space and distribution, offering our uniquely patented PRP and PRF wound healing kits. Both kits are rapidly gaining acceptance due to the ease of use, “no start-up fees or new cumbersome expensive centrifuges needed,”  5 species university validation, and amazing patient outcomes to date. These fast-growing in-house services, which can be performed by your technician, will also help keep your business away from the big internet companies. Additionally, Trey will help set the stage for our extensive pipeline of new products and pathology services, that are set to begin launching early next year.

Pittman brings over a decade of progressive veterinary sales and marketing experience to the company and plans to drive business growth, capitalize on new revenue potential, and manage all aspects of daily sales operations. He attributes his past successes in both the veterinary industry and human pharma in his ability to develop genuine trusting relationships that encourage collaboration between Company and Client, allowing for every-improving products and services that help a company grow in both offering and revenue.

“It has been my desire to work with a family of products and services that I can stand behind with full confidence, knowing the motivation of the company developing these technologies truly desires to help patients/animals by providing their care-givers and veterinary professionals with industry-leading solutions at a fair price. It impresses me even more that Enso Discoveries is a family-owned and operated business, owned by a veteran of our country, with decades of combined professional experience in the veterinary regenerative medicine space. When I first came to know the company’s leading products and why they were developed–created by veterinarians, for veterinarians, to make veterinary regenerative medicine easier, more effective, and ultimately more readily-available–I knew that these products were my future, and Enso Discoveries was where I needed to be. I am anxious to hit the ground running and get their new line of improved, patented, industry-changing products launched and into clinics all over!” remarks Trey Pittman.

Among the family of products, Pittman will be working with are Rebound PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Rebound PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) which are currently distributed through Midwest Veterinary Supply. Rebound PRP was designed, patented and launched by Enso Discoveries as an affordable, effective, university-supported PRP kit for veterinarians–not to be confused or compared with other PRP systems licensed from human science and adapted to the veterinary industry.

With the goal to constantly improve product and service offerings, create more in-clinic testing for veterinarians, and decrease overall cost and labor, Enso Discoveries has taken the lead in accessible, affordable, and personable veterinary regenerative medicine. These progressive developments are available to the market now with little to no start-up fees, or long-term financial risk for veterinarians and clinics.



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