Enhancing the Lives of Animals


To greatly enhance the lives of animals through the development of relevant, cost-effective, novel technologies that allows our valued customer, the veterinarian, to keep their business in house.


To offer a wide range of innovative, easy to use, regenerative medicine kits backed by university science, and exceptional laboratory services, while performing and funding veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners.


We believe in the value of scientific data that ensures a veterinarian’s confidence. We listen to our customers to improve our products. We succeed by hiring experienced professionals who genuinely love animals and care about positive results.

How Rebound PRP fits into our practice?

Live Webinar

Dr. Orava Explains How Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Works & How You Can Easily Implement It Into Your Practice Using Enso Rebound PRP Kit

Dr. Corey Orava is the Chief Scientific Officer at Enso Discoveries, a Regenerative Medicine Expert & the Inventor of the Rebound PRP System

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We are regenerative medicine experts enhancing the lives of animals and humans through our products.

We continually develop new and improved applications in regenerative medicine by performing and funding veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners.

We support our products and services with scientific evidence, superior sales and marketing ability, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts.


Rebound PRP Kit

  • Partial cruciates and/or adjunct to surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Knee and soft tissue injuries
  • Problem wounds and burns
  • Surgery non-candidates

Rebound PRF Kit

  • Acute, chronic and non-healing wounds
  • Dentistry: multiple tooth extractions
  • Bone regeneration
  • Graft stabilization
  • Homeostasis


We are a veteran owned fast emerging biotech company that is family operated and proudly developing products here in the USA.

We have assembled a world class team of industry experts, veterinarians & successful entrpreneurs, to bring cutting edge products to the market, validated by science.

Patrick Farley is a veteran and businessman, who fully understands the seemingly endless battle vets can face when it comes to getting help for their daily struggle with pain. Through “Shots For Soldiers”, a 501c3 that Patrick Farley and Frank Kirby created that is dedicated to solving this problem. By offering the patent-pending Enso Doctors Rebound PRP ourselves and partnering with very willing independent physicians across the country, we can swiftly deliver great potential pain relief to so many veterans.

Our plan for the future is to expand Shots For Soldiers across the nation to reach as many veterans as possible.

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