PRP IconEnso Discoveries proudly announces its patented Rebound PRF and Rebound PRP kits are now available to the veterinary industry through Midwest Veterinary Supply. Enso Discoveries has worked to refine the method of existing regenerative medicine therapies and bring to market new patented, university-validated, low-cost, easy-to-use products that are accessible for large animal and companion animal practices nationwide.

“Thanks to our Rebound PRF and Rebound PRP kits, we have been able to help veterinarians around the country save multiple animals that were scheduled for amputation or euthanasia,” states CEO Patrick Farley. “We are very proud to be saving animals and giving owners new hope with cost-effective, improved products developed exclusively for the veterinary industry by veterinarians. At Enso Discoveries, we are focused on what is best for the animals and the veterinary practice caring for them!”

Through Midwest Veterinary Supply, Enso Discoveries now offers in-house products with no capital start-up fees or long-term financial risk for veterinarians and clinics. With the goal to constantly improve product and service offerings, create more in-house testing, and decrease overall cost and labor, Enso Discoveries has taken the lead in accessible, affordable, and personable veterinary regenerative medicine.

Midwest Veterinary Supply is committed to being a resource for high performing products.  We are proud to partner with Enso Discoveries to exclusively offer the PRF and PRP regenerative medicine kits as a cost-effective option for our veterinary clinics,” said Jeff Burkhamer, Vice President, Midwest Veterinary Supply.

Consider the Rebound PRP kit for use in: 

  • Osteoarthritis (including hip dysplasia in dogs) and joint issues
  • Tendon, ligament, and muscle injuries, including partial cruciate ligament tears in companion animals
  • Wound repair, including burns and slow-healing wounds
  • Theriogenology (endometritis) in horses

The first of its kind in veterinary medicine, the Rebound PRF kit by Enso Discoveries works quickly and efficiently: the entire process is done in under 30 minutes. Consider Platelet Rich Fibrin as a wholesale solution or part of another treatment for advanced wound healing, dental surgeries, and unusually difficult cases such as: 

  • Acute, chronic, or non-healing wounds
  • Dentistry (extractions, wound closure)
  • Bone regeneration
  • Graft stabilization
  • Hemostasis

Animal owners have already experienced the success of these products with their beloved family pets:

“The healing time was amazing: three weeks versus, what could have been, three months before he was healed up. I would recommend Enso Discoveries. I have seen it work on dogs, I have seen it work on horses, and I have seen it work on humans too. This is cutting-edge technology. It really is!” — Ron O’Neill, Manhattan, Kansas

“Using the body to heal itself is the perfect marriage of natural and advanced technology. It is truly a marvel to witness the progress of my patients. I can’t say enough about Enso Discoveries and the easy-to-use kits we now use to offer PRP as a service to our clients.” — Kendell Michel, DVM, CVCP, Family Animal Care of Salina, Kansas

Our mission at Enso Discoveries is to greatly enhance the lives of animals through the development of cutting-edge, novel technology. We believe all things are possible. We offer a wide range of innovative services, university-backed science, and affordable medical products with an emphasis on regenerative medicine.

We continually perform and fund veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners. While maintaining the highest level of integrity, we continue to succeed because we support our products and services with scientific proof, superior sales and marketing ability, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts.