Newly Designed, Patent Pending Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) Regenerative Medicine Therapy Created by Veterinarians,for Veterinarians has Launched from Enso Discoveries

Enso Discoveries has designed, patented, and university-validated an effective and low-cost Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) kit for use in veterinary medicine


Enso Discoveries, LLC, Chief Scientific Officer Corey Orava, DVM, has successfully designed, patented and launched an affordable, effective, university-supported PRP kit for veterinarians. With the goal to constantly improve product and service offerings, create more in-clinic testing for veterinarians, and decrease overall cost and labor, Enso Discoveries has taken the lead in accessible, affordable, and personable veterinary regenerative medicine. These progressive developments are available to the market with little to no start-up fees, or long-term financial risk for new veterinarians and clinics.

“Enso Discoveries is proud to offer affordable solutions for acute, chronic and non-healing conditions. After ten years of working in the industry, Dr. Orava – who is widely regarded as one of the foremost industry leaders in regenerative medicine – has identified common obstacles that prevent veterinarians and pet/horse owners from fully utilizing these disease-modifying treatments. He began developing improvements to existing products and services that he believed should be more accessible, more effective, and less expensive,” said Patrick Farley, CEO of Enso Discoveries.

Mr. Farley went on to say, “We know that having to buy expensive starter PRP packages, with centrifuges and multiple, costly, one-time-use kits upfront, is not what any veterinarian prefers to do. It’s a lot of start-up equity and they are locked into one system – we hear this all the time. Our PRP kit answers this common issue by allowing anyone to try for under $100 – simply use your own centrifuge. If you happen to need a portable centrifuge, we offer those too at a very low cost.”

Enso Discoveries is an emerging animal health company that has developed novel medical devices for the veterinary market, benefitting from designs made by veterinarians, for veterinarians. Consider a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) kit by Enso Discoveries for improved features including, but not limited to: 

  • Collection tubes that fit into standard centrifuges (no capital equipment or initial investment required for new veterinarians/clinics to begin offering service)
  • Autologous product – no risk of rejection
  • Less invasive and time-consuming process – entire service can be completed in under 30 minutes (with the majority being performed by support staff/veterinary technicians)
  • A wide variety of applications ranging from orthopedics to theriogenology to dermatology and more (can be used as a stand-alone solution, or as an adjunct to surgery)
  • Application for slow or non-healing wounds
  • Use adjunct to dental surgery
  • Validated in 5 species

“As an equine practitioner, I can vouch for Enso Discoveries PRP kit being safe, efficacious and reliable, as I never have flare-ups or any problems, as is the case with some other kits. Enso has an excellent team of researchers and experts that I rely on to deliver the best products to help us do our job and keep our sport horses in the ring,” said Josh Harvey, DVM, Outlaw Equine.

“Our clients [both small and large animal] are so pleased with this irreplaceable method of acute inflammation treatment. To use the animal’s own body to heal itself is astonishing science. We really appreciate using the Enso Discoveries PRP kits as they are very easy to use, very affordable and we get excellent outcomes. Their technical support is really great too, if we have any questions. Dr. Orava is amazing with regenerative medicine,” said Ann Buchanan, DVM, Deep Well Veterinary Service.


Our mission at Enso Discoveries is to greatly enhance the lives of animals through the development of cutting-edge, novel technology. We believe all things are possible. We offer a wide range of innovative services, university-backed science, and affordable medical products with an emphasis on regenerative medicine.

We continually perform and fund veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners. While maintaining the highest level of integrity, we continue to succeed because we support our products and services with scientific proof, superior sales and marketing ability, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts.

Corey Orava, DVM, Chief Scientific Officer, Enso Discoveries

Corey Orava

As an equine practitioner, I can vouch for Enso Discoveries PRP kit being safe, efficacious and reliable, as I never have flare-ups or any problems, as is the case with some other kits.