Enso Discoveries Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Corey Orava, DVM, has developed and brought to market a patent pending, affordable, effective, easy-to-use, university-validated Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) kit for veterinarians to be used with both equine and companion animals.

This latest achievement is a testament to the dedication of the Enso Discoveries team to be the foremost leader in providing affordable, accessible, and scientifically-advanced veterinary regenerative medicine products. Enso Discoveries has advanced this goal by offering in-house products with no capital start-up fees or long-term financial risk for veterinarians and clinics.

“There has long been a need in the regenerative medicine space for improved products that are cost-effective, and have a focus on what is best for the animal and the practice,” said Patrick Farley, CEO of Enso Discoveries. “Thanks to such new developments as our PRF kit, which uses our proprietary Expressate system, we have been able to help veterinarians around the country save multiple animals that were scheduled for amputation or euthanasia. We are very proud to be saving animals here and giving their owners new hope!”

The first of its kind in veterinary medicine, the PRF kit by Enso Discoveries works quickly and efficiently: the entire process can be done in under 30 minutes (with most of the work done by support staff or veterinary technicians) and by using the PRF membrane as a second-generation autologous blood product, removing the risk of rejection. Consider the PRF kit as a wholesale solution or part of another treatment for advanced wound healing and unusually difficult cases such as: 


  • Acute/chronic/non-healing wounds

  • Draining tracts

  • Graft stabilization

  • Burns

  • Dental surgery

  • Bone regeneration

     Several customers have already experienced the successful use of this product in their own animals, as these testimonies attest:

    “Sammy, our beloved horse, developed a terrible chronic wound that we spent close to $10,000 in one year trying to treat at multiple locations. After hearing about Enso Discoveries and talking with Patrick Farley, we drove over 10 hours with Sammy to try one final treatment. After using the PRF kit, Sammy began to rapidly improve and has now made a full recovery. We didn’t think we’d even be able to ride her anymore, and now Sammy is back jumping again with her best friend Ceara. Our gratitude is beyond description.” – Joanne and Ceara Mulvey.

    “I feel that the Enso Discoveries PRF kit played a significant role in helping to manage my patient’s cat that had a very difficult wound infection. It also helped to establish a new healthy granulation bed prior to closure. Prior to instituting the PRF therapy, I was considering amputation as the only viable option for him. We are very pleased with the outcome and grateful for the opportunity to utilize this valuable therapy. Overall, I would definitely want to utilize the Enso Discoveries PRF kit for patients in the future. Thank you for your support and for helping Garfield keep his leg!”  Dr. Tracey Cantamessa, DVM, Eagle Rock Veterinary Hospital.

    Our mission at Enso Discoveries is to greatly enhance the lives of animals through the development of cutting-edge, novel technology. We believe all things are possible. We offer a wide range of innovative services, university-backed science, and affordable medical products with an emphasis on regenerative medicine.


    We continually perform and fund veterinary research with the help of our academic and industrial research partners. While maintaining the highest level of integrity, we continue to succeed because we support our products and services with scientific proof, superior sales and marketing ability, and a worldwide network of industry experienced contacts.

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